Our Topics

Thanks to the knowledge of our colleagues and our projects, Scale Research by now has experience in every area of Market Research. We carry out both qualitative and quantitative research during our projects based on our client’s requirement. In order to support marketing processes and decision-making, we also summarize and analyze data already at the disposal of our client.

Experience from a wide range of areas in planning research and assessing the problem enable us to consider the most favorable questions, develop their concise analysis, and form a relevant methodology. Our typical projects include tasks concerning:

  • Client attitude towards a specific product category or image
  • Gathering of input required for branding
  • Mapping of brand awareness
  • Revelation of latent business requirements
  • Measuring sales efficiency
  • Revelation of client perceptions
  • Customer satisfaction and customer loyalty analysis
  • Concept test
  • Measuring the effectiveness of communication

We consider and analyze tactical as well as strategic issues in all or our researches.

In all of our projects, we pay special attention to the business interpretation of results: we provide a review not only assessing facts, but also putting the results and remarks in context, therefore facilitating the attainment of business objectives.