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  • Freedom of the researcher
  • Individuality and responsibilities
  • Professional support from those with greater experience

The expanding team of Scale Research offers opportunities for joining on every level. Research qualification is among the basic criteria when applying for a Junior position, while a 1-2 years professional experience in the field is a considerable advantage. This experience can come from market research or familiarity with the financial sector.

On a Senior level, we are open to cooperating with experts with experience in any of the various fields of market research.

We offer an opportunity for collaboration both as an employee and in external expert position.

A significant requirement is the knowledge of English and the capability to deliver substantive, creative, as well as precise and sophisticated work. The size of our projects and our methodology do not currently permit any of us to focus on a single research area, but we hold it important to have everyone conduct work in projects that best fit their interest and capabilities. Due to the intensity of projects, flexibility is required in terms of both time management and problem solving. In exchange we offer a chance for substantive thinking, researcher’s liberties, and the feeling of success after positive problem-solving. Professional development is assured by the help of our Senior Researchers and both external and internal training programs.

Through links on the side to two accounts, you will gain insight to the days of a Junior and a Senior Researcher – Lívia and Rita. If based on what you have read, you feel like contacting Scale Research, please click on the “I Want to Join” button, where you will be able to upload your English CV after providing some basic information. We will reply to every applicant in two week’s time.