Our Approach

Based on our knowledge of the service sector, we are able to grasp the important issues more effectively, form a relevant methodology and survey, and for drawing conclusions, we can trust our consulting experience to phrase more specific and tangible suggestions.

In the first step, we assess the way in which the client wishes to utilize the results of our survey, then based on these expectations, we define our objectives and develop our methodology.

Trough our creative techniques and years of experience as a moderator and researcher, we have assembled a selection, which

  • Helps induce abstract and creative thinking mechanisms
  • Provides a valid solution without establishing boundaries for the phrasing of individual opinion
  • Grants an opportunity for the qualitative expert to choose the creative technique that best suits the specifications of the target group and the subject of the research
  • Keeps the attention of those asked focused through a variety of tasks, enables the most advantageous use of group dynamics
  • Is easy to use during trainings and workshops as well

Our qualitative technique is based on guides and questioning methods defined by psychology, sociology, cultural anthropology, pedagogy. Based on the above, we apply the following techniques:

  • Regular focus groups and in-depth interviews
  • Parallel and Simultaneous Interviews, Feedback and Creative Groups
  • Mini and Call-Back Groups
  • In-home, Real-time, and Process Interviews
  • Experts Interviews
  • Designing and conducting workshops

Areas of our quantitative research:

  • Category and Product Portfolio Management
  • Price/value rates
  • Perception assessment and importance
  • Brand Value
  • Product usage occasions
  • Definition and segmentation of the Target Group
  • Product usage/purchase habits
  • Analysis of locations and decision processes

We have used the following methods for the above:

  • Logging, and providing a complex appraisal based on descriptions of the last/typical product usage/consumption
  • Defining a replacement product (category) with respect to usage goals and frequency
  • Product and category segmentation based on complex aspects
  • Monitoring product usage/purchasing habits or conducting exit polls
  • Using Layered segmentation methods
  • Assessing product attributes or specifications through adaptive conjoint techniques
  • Analyzing image perception based on the connection between brand and perception and the strength of this connection

The methodological basis of our activities therefore is significant. Last, but most certainly not least: we offer a cost-efficient solution, since our prices do not include fees relating to any international central expenditures, premiums for the brand name, or incidental administrative charges, while our comprehensive knowledge of the services sector constitutes additional value.