Our Team

Our Team

Scale Research is managed by Csaba Nemes.

Aside from the Research Manager, we have four Market Analysts and two Project Coordinators to manage field work; therefore we can easily adjust to carrying out high quality research even under a tight schedule.

Our colleagues, regardless of their status, follow projects closely and actively, from the beginning phase to the final presentations, hence contributing to the projects’ success. This methodology ensures that the Project Manager has a complete overview of the work done, from getting acquainted with the problem to presenting our suggestions, and all through the full research and analytics phase, practically taking responsibility for the project, which guarantees that no important information is transformed or lost.

The above method is accompanied by workshops in the analytic phase: group thinking ensures that the client is presented refined, clarified material, which had been considered from various aspects.

Andrea Bókkon
Márta Cserna
György Domoszlai
Csaba Nemes
Olga Szilágyi
Ágnes Tengerdi