A survey started by Scale Research in 2008 based on its own methodology, Bankindex™ measures the quality of the relationship between a retail bank and its clients semi-annually, adding the acquired data to a structure that facilitates the understanding of the results.

The methodology allows us to measure the bank-client relationship from over 150 aspects. We have arranged all the aspects into a structure consisting of the following elements:

  • Choosing a bank: what are the motivations and decisive factors when choosing a bank, what is the perceived level of competition between banks
  • Choosing a product: considerations before choosing a product, especially those based on information or the evaluation of information that was received from the bank
  • Product usage: experience gained through the use of a product, including possible complaints, the handling of complaints, unexpected events that may take place after the signing of a contract, the content and precision of bank notifications sent out during the use of a product
  • Decisive information: evaluation of information received by the client through channels monitored or unmonitored by the bank

The robust data collection (3,000 people asked annually, representing clients between ages 18 and 65 with bank relations) allows for a regional, product group, and channel-level analysis for a single bank or a group of banks which therefore can be extended to competitors.

The survey, conducted twice a year, provides overview of the area requested by the client bank on a semi-annual basis.

We have assembled a chart, summarizing the main areas surveyed by Bankindex™, which you can reach by clicking on the link in the sidebar.